No Ctrl+Z: Making Order Out of Chaos

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No Ctrl+Z: Making Order Out of Chaos

I’ve been playing around with Custom Shapes in Photoshop and while I was digging into it, I stumbled across a video by Long Pham. His process was quite experimental and I thought it was a great way to try and generate new compositions. I also like the approach of having no previous design ideas at the beginning of the process and just seeing what happens. So, I thought I’d give it shot and tackle a similar process

I also applied a rule to myself which was to not use CTRL+Z at all during the process. CTRL+Z is a handy little shortcut, and I sometimes wonder if I’m overly reliant on back stepping my work and second-guessing myself a lot. Removing that tool really forced me to think about what I was doing and commit to my decisions.

Anyway here’s a time lapse video of the whole process and, as he was the inspiration for this video, I’ve also provided the link to Long Pham’s process here:

Check it out, it's worth a try.