Doctor Strange Eternity

Dave paget doctor strange eternity

Final Design

Doctor Strange Eternity Time Lapse Video

Dave paget render1 9

Keyshot Render

Dave paget comp

Rough Composition Study

Dave paget rough

Original Early Idea

One of the things I enjoyed about the Doctor Strange movie is the limitless possibilities it opens up for environment design. So, I thought I’d have a crack at doing a concept for a potential Doctor Strange sequel. I ran into a few challenges with this piece but I learnt a hell of a lot from it at the same time – so I guess that’s a bonus. The main issue I was having was the placement of the characters in the scene (if you watch the video you’ll see the original idea was slightly different than the final outcome). I liked the idea of Strange and Mordo about to engage in an epic battle, but the more I worked the image, it felt as though this idea was being shoe-horned in. Ultimately I thought the characters were not helping the overall composition and were more of a hindrance to the image, so I deleted them out. I guess the lesson is to remain unattached to your idea

As always, here’s a time-lapse video of the image’s production that I hope some of you find useful.