Batman: Darkest Night - Batman

David paget batman open cape

Main Concept

David paget batman set

For a few months, and between freelance gigs, I've been working on a personal project based around an idea for a Batman movie. I love the idea of a seasoned Batman who's lost his way, growing more darker within and how he deals with this. I think its a shame we won't get to see the Bat-fleck version explored more on the big screen - so, I created my own movie. The Batman movie I'll probably never get to see. No universe building, no alien invasions or saving the world. A small crime story that explores the world and psyche of a vigilante who's begun to question his own morals and the impact this has on the people around him.

Ideas are still floating around everywhere in my mind, but I thought I'd share the concept that started the project off - Batman. (Jake Gyllenhaal).