CGMA: Character Design for Film and Games Student Gallery

For those that don’t know, while I work as a concept artist I also teach! I teach Character Design for Film and Games with the wonderful folks over at CGMA | Computer Graphics Master Academy. I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many hard working students on this course and I wanted to share a small sample of the work they have created (so proud of them!)

Registration for the Spring 2022 Term is now open, so if you’re interested in joining the course, please head over to the CGMA site to register

And to all my students who have been on the course - it’s been a blast teaching you guys!

1. Teo Mathlein
2. Olga Sukhotinsky
3. Noreus Teves
4. Michele Nucera
5. Yannick Dubeau
6. Luciano Komorizono
7. Bartek Roczniak
8. Marta Kost
9. Kimberley Halm
10. Agnieszka Szajewkska