Batman: Darkest Night - Victor

David paget victor

Final Design

David paget victor hex variants

Early ideas for flesh

For a few months, and between freelance gigs, I've been working on a personal project based around an idea for a Batman movie. The Batman movie I'll probably never get to see.

Out of all Batman's villains, Victor Freeze has always been a favourite of mine. He's not a homicidal maniac or an agent of chaos like the Joker. He never wanted to destroy Gotham and see it burn. He's not insane or corrupted by greed. All he cares about is finding a cure for his wife. But his quest is so desperate and gone to such extremes that the haunting reality is he's become a monster he can never escape from. When I think of Mr. Freeze, I don't see an evil super villain. I see Victor. A cold, heart broken and lonely man who'd do anything for the one he loves.

In the story, Victor would be incarcerated at Arkham and I always though Paddy Considine would be great in the role.

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