Batman: Darkest Night - Path to Ivy

David paget stairway lower res

Main Scene

David paget cocoon sketch

Cocoon Sketch

For a few months, and between freelance gigs, I've been working on a personal project based around an idea for a Batman movie. The Batman movie I'll probably never get to see.

A large portion of the story I have in mind would take place in Arkham and this is one of the many concepts I tried out to get a feel for how the environment and lighting would look. In this shot, looking for help, Batman is tracking Poison Ivy and found some of her cocooned victims. In the story, there's been an infection among the inmates making their traits more powerful - but worse. For Ivy, I thought it might be cool if she cocoons her victims using branches and fungus, so she can drain their bodily fluids for nutrition. Something nice and grim :)

Let me know what you think!