Love, Death + Robots: Sonnie's Edge

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of working for Blur Studio on Sonnie's Edge for the Netflix anthology series, Love, Death + Robots. This was one of my favourite freelance jobs and working directly with director Dave Wilson was a great experience.

I'm not currently permitted to share concepts from the show yet, but I am allowed to share some screen grabs of the various bits I worked on. The team at Blur did an incredible job bringing this to life.

I worked on a variety of things ranging from character designs, costume design, designing the affinity link, UV light tattoo ideas and some...grizzly...keyframes involving a pair of stiletto heels and a skull. I was also involved in texture asset work too. The tattoos on Sonnie and Simon's chest were designed by me as were the patches on Sonnie's jacket - there's a patch on Sonnie's left arm that says 'Middlesbrough Massacre, Up the Boro!' which is my home town : )