Batman: Darkest Night - Clayface v.2

For a few months, and between freelance gigs, I've been working on a personal project based around an idea for a Batman movie. The Batman movie I'll probably never get to see.

This is another variant of my Clayface design. I think it's about time Clayface made an appearance on the big screen. In my version, Clayface has been in this state for some time but the mutation on his body is taking its toll. It's erratic, unstable, and the break ups of his body are hard to control. Even holding a basic human form takes tremendous concentration. He can still shift into a more monstrous form (more concepts of that later), but only for brief moments. Essentially, he's dying, but has no idea how long he has left.

It was cool making this concept, playing around with different methods and using displacement maps in Keyshot.

Let me know what you think!