Batman: Darkest Night - Poison Ivy Pre-Infection

For a while now, I've been chipping away I've been working on a personal project based around an idea for a Batman movie. The Batman movie I'll probably never get to see.

In the story, Ivy has been locked in Arkham for quite sometime. Her cold reserve has managed to keep her alive during Hugo Strange's reign over the institution but, during the events of Darkest Night, a contagion is released infecting all the inmates (and Batman) as an experiment. The results vary drastically and Ivy endures some dramatic changes from the virus (more of that to come soon). This concept shows Ivy just after the inmates have taken over Arkham but before the contagion is unleashed.

I think Olivia Wilde would be a perfect choice for how I envision Ivy (check out her performance in A Vigilante!)

Let me know what you think!