The Cyborg

Dave paget the cyborg medium res

The Cyborg, Final Piece

The Cyborg

Dave paget render7 small model 461

Keyshot Render

Dave paget render7 small model 462

Keyshot Render

Dave paget render7 small model 463

Keyshot Render

Dave paget sketchup model

SketchUp Screengrab

Dave paget comp1

Early Composition Idea

Hi everyone. I’ve been busy away learning new things with SketchUp and Keyshot resulting in my latest image, ‘The Cyborg’.

I learned a tonne of new stuff developing this piece, so I thought I’d share the development video. I tend to speedup my videos quite fast for online viewing but, due to the constant camera moving in 3D, it was easy to get motion sickness. This meant I had to slow the video down a fair bit making it quite lengthy! But, it does show the whole process from start to finish. I also thought about editing out the various mistakes I made along the way, but I think it’s all part of the learning process I guess, so I left them in (please don’t judge me too much!).

Here's the whole project including high-res images and additional renders of the scene. If you’re interested, here's the Youtube link:

Anyway, let me know what you think and I hope the video helps.